Chinwags are an update session held prior to the Race.  They provide an opportunity for the committee to update participants on planning details for the event, answer participants questions and provide general information to the event that will be usefull later on.  Topics that were discussed last event included topics such as likely weather conditions (by Aviation Forcaster from the BOM), update on the RFDS, tips and hints of Aerial photography and discussion of aircraft maintenance by the race LAME.

Time to finalise team members

As Team nominations have now closed, all teams that have been advised of their acceptance into the Outback Air Race 2018, need to:

  • Finalise team members name(s).  Please complete  the Team Member Entry Form and pay the registration fee as soon as possible.

  • Email "Team Bios and Photos" that will be used to setup your team webpage.

  • If you would like to, update their EDH.

Should teams have any questions or need any assistance, please fee free to send us an email.


Team Entries CLOSED

We have had a massive response to the call for entrants to participant in the Outback Air Race 2018, in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

We have accepted nominations for 41 aircraft (up from 27 last event) and reached our accommodation constraint of 100, which is about 30 more people than the 2015 event.

Team Entries are now CLOSED.

Any Teams wishing to enter the race from now, will be required to join our Waitlist to fill any positions vacated should a team have to withdraw before the event starts.


If you have any questions about the waitlist, please contact us here.

We thank all the team that have entered to date, as well as anyone joining the Waitlist.

More supporters join the Outback Air Race 2018

The Outback Air Race 2018 would like the thank another two supporters that are lending their assistance to this event.  


Following the success of their involvement in the Outback Air Race 2015, Avplan efb are back.  Again for 2018, AvSoft HQ is equipping the race participants with AvPlan EFB on their iPads to ensure they are fully equipped with the most up-to-date electronic flight bag on the market.

AvPlan EFB is a multi-award winning electronic flight bag (EFB) for Apple and Android devices.
From local VFR recreational aviation through to professional IFR charter and global airline operations, AvPlan EFB has been designed to simplify your flying by using the portability, effortlessness and processing capability of your iPhone™ or iPad™.
Continuing to lead the market with unparalleled innovation and functionality, AvPlan EFB features multiple Australian firsts with terrain warning, touch to display restricted airspace status, automatic IFR airway planning and geo-referenced airport taxi & instrument approach diagrams to arm you with superior situational awareness.
Envisioned, developed and rigorously tested by Australian pilots for Australian pilots, AvPlan EFB integrates everything you need to prepare, plan and execute your flight – whether it be in a recreational aircraft, corporate jet or something in between.
AVPlan EFB is proud to be involved in the Outback Air Race and wishes clear skies and tailwinds to everyone involved.


Success Print has become a supporter of the Outback Air Race 2018 by their generous support in printing Sponsorship Booklets for the event.

Success Print has all the latest printing equipment including HP Indigo Digital Press. High definition digital colour printing at its best. Success Print can guarantee a first-rate book and brochure printing result in both black and white or colour. Success Print has been in business for over 30 years. They can be relied upon to meet even the tightest deadlines and to print within fast turnaround times.


  • Book Printing – Self Publishing – Digital Books
  • Personalised Photobooks and Calendars
  • High Definition Colour Brochure Printing
  • Colour Magazines and Reports
  • Online Ordering and Warehousing
  • Inventory Management Systems


Thanks to our Supporters

As the Outback Airrace Race Committee gets ready for the 2018 event, we would like to thank our first three supporters for their ongoing support of the Outback Air Race.  Without their inkind assistance, the event would not be possible, or at least, would not be as successful.

Robert Hind

Robert Hind developed the "AirScore" software specifically for the Outback Air Race (as far back as 1998!) and continues to provide software improvements and support in the lead up to each event.

Robert Hind specialises in programming and spreadsheets for a range of complex tasks as well as high transaction activities. He has developed transport costing and invoicing systems, reconciliation, analytical and mapping tools. Systems developed by Robert are used in conducting business with some of the largest businesses in the world. He aims for high automation, minimum or nil data entry and seamless sharing of data sets across applications. Robert Hind developed the first race scoring software system for the second Outback Air Race. He collaborated with the organisers to select the GPS Data Loggers currently used and generally makes improvements from one Outback Air Race to the next.

Robert is available for new projects and development.


MGI Parkinson

MGI Parkinson have provided ongoing financial related support and advice to the Outback Air Race committee and Australian Air Race Events Inc.

With over 50 years' experience and as a fully integrated chartered accounting and business advisory practice, MGI Parkinson provide extensive financial services, specialising in the small to medium enterprise market.


Royal Aero Club of Western Australia

Members from the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia founded the original Outback Air Race in conjunction with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (WA Section). The Royal Aero Club of WA continues to support this event through access to the clubs facilities (function rooms) and regulatory support.

Outback Air Race 2018 is seeking Sponsors

Preparations for the 2018 Outback Air Race, in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), has begun. The Outback Air Race (OAR) started in 1996 and to date has raised over $2 million for the RFDS. The race occurs every 3 years and involves a series of time trials, challenging the basic navigational and planning skills of the pilots that participate. Generally the OAR sees at least 25 aircraft participating with each team funding their own flights and travel, but more importantly the teams compete to raise funds for the RFDS.

The OAR is a volunteer run event, but cannot happen without the generous support of sponsors. The 2018 OAR is now currently searching for keen sponsors and supporters who would like to have their name aligned with this wonderful event, raising yet more funds for this iconic and most reputable Australian charity, the RFDS.  The OAR receives significant positive exposure with sponsors and supporters receiving measureable marketing benefits via multi media channels, and also through events that are organised in the nine air race destinations across Australia.

There are multiple sponsorship levels, either financial or in-kind, so we encourage you to contact our Sponsorship Coordinator at to find out more about this exciting opportunity to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

PC-12 Taxing on remote dirt strip

The Outback Air Race 2018 Route and Dates have been announced!

A very exciting update for the Outback Air Race 2018!

The route and the event dates for 2018 have now been finalised. The Race commences in Archerfield (YBAF) on Sunday 19th August and finishes in Broome (YBRM) on 31st August.  

The event will be stopping at Bundaberg (YBUD), Longreach(YLRE), Mount Isa(YBMA), Adels Grove(YALG), Daly Waters (YDLW),  Katherine / Tindal (YPTN), Kununurra (YPKU) and Broome (YBRM).  

Some stops involve 2 nights accommodation. Approximate distance is 2,125nm or 3,940km, over some of the most interesting terrain in Australia.

Each overnight stop will provide a range of accommodation options to suit different tastes and budgets, with a limit of approximately 70 people planned for the event.  Some stop locations will have organised events for participants, while the balance of your time is free to explore or partake in a range of events / tours that will showcase each of the destinations.  

Formal entry nominations will be called soon, but by subscribing to our mailing list via our webpage ( you will be informed once nomination are being taken.

Route of the OAR2018

What is the Outback AirRace? What is involved? How does it work?

A video describing what the Outback Airrace is and how the event operates has been released on Youtube

The event is current scheduled from Sunday 19th August until Friday 31st August 2018.  While the 2018 event route is yet to be finalised, we are expecting to start in Archerfield (YBAF) near Brisbane and finish in the ideallic WA coastal city of Broome (YBRM).  The route will take in some of the most iconic and remote locations in Qld, NT and WA.  The trip will be a load of fun and will cover some impressive parts of coastal and central Auatralia.    All in the interest of raising money for the RFDS.

Updates will be made availiable on this website, to anyone subscribed to our mailing list, as well as on the Facebook page.


Where shall we fly to on the 2018 Outback Air Race?

Last week we held our first meeting to start planning Outback Air Race 2018.  It is planned for late August / early September 2018.

As always, step 1 is deciding the route.  And that’s where you come in.

We know that you fly around this great country of ours like we do, visit cool places and talk to other aviators – so you know stuff – stuff we want to know too!

So please tell us about fantastic places in Australia that you’d really like OAR2018 to visit.

Our plan is to assemble all of those suggestions on a map, and then see what race route or routes may be possible to take in lots of those great places.

You can submit as many suggested destinations as you like – the more the better (so long as they’re awesome places).

Basic info we want from you are:
 - Name of the place, and which state is it in
 - Why you like it and what’s to do or see there
 - Confirmation that it can accommodate 50 people minimum (and please give an estimate of about how many actually could be accommodated there)
 - Confirmation that it has good parking at the airport for a minimum of 20 aircraft
 - Confirmation that Avgas available there, or at least nearby 

To get you warmed up, here’s a few links to browse for inspiration:

Shelley Ross’ excellent “Flying the Outback" website
Air Adventure’s website
Outback Flying Adventure’s website
And last but not least, the Outback Air Race’s own website detailing past event itineraries: 1996-2009  2012  2015 

Please email your suggestions to us before April 7th2017.  This is your chance to make 2018 just the event you want it to be.

OAR2018 Logo

SOAR2015 Photobook Ready!

Our 2015 Photobook is ready... and it’s worth the wait! Featuring amazing photography from all of our photo contributors and in particular our talented aerial photographers Fiona Hamilton and Mal MacDonald, the 74 page coffee table book will let you show off your journey to friends and family.

Titled ‘above and beyond’, the book recognizes the contribution by each and every participant who made the 2015 race a record-breaker.

We have attached a few sample pages as a taster. The book follows our journey from start to finish, including not only all the people, planes and scenery, but also a few of our favourite poems (well done again John and Daniel!).

We managed to secure a very reasonable price for the books, which cost $75 including postage within Australia. Using the ordering form below you can use your Paypal account, credit card or direct debit.

Of course, they are available for purchase by anyone and not just participants.

If you have any questions please contact us!

The final date for ordering is Sunday March 27th.



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