[13] Dongara Flying Craz

Team Captain: Kathleen Chant
Other Members: Gavin Denton
Aircraft: C172

Kathleen is the pilot in the team and started learning to fly in 2010. After starting training in Karratha, the school closed its doors presenting a huge logistical problem. A few more hurdles followed before ending up at RACWA. Then began the tedious travel back and forth between Karratha and Jandakot, until finally in 2012 she got her PPL. Next will be an instrument and aerobatics rating, which she hopes to have completed in the next couple of months. Coming from Sydney, and after living in varied places such as London, Far north Queensland and the Pilbara, they have now settled in the seaside cray fishing town of Dongara. The opportunity to participate in the outback air race is a dream come true, not only for the event, but to be able to help the RFDS, an absolutely awesome, needed and much loved organisation.

Gavin is Kath’s partner of 25 years, and is a True Blue Aussie who loves camping, fishing, the outback, and really just anything Australian. Over the years he has worked in many remote areas in the Pilbara and Kimberly regions. He was instrumental in supporting Kath in realising her dream of becoming a pilot. Travelling within Australia and overseas, they have had many adventures together and to be able to share this experience, whilst helping such a wonderful organisation as RFDS is something special that will stay with them forever.