[15] Mellow Yellow

Team Captain: Rob Donaldson
Other Members:  Chook Henderson
Aircraft: Vans RV-7

Rob Donaldson

Hi, I’m Rob, a builder from Esperance. I have been flying for about 16 years. My first plane was a Cessna 172 and in 2009 my home built RV7, WOB took to the skies. I participated in the 2012 Outback Air Race with Pete Vermeersch which was a great experience and I’m looking forward to competing in the 2015 race with Chook Henderson. The Outback Air Race is an amazing event with terrific people for a fantastic cause! When I’m not flying I enjoy sailing Flying Fifteens and riding motorcycles.

Chook Henderson

Hi, I’m Chook, an ex-cocky from Esperance WA and I have known Rob since I moved to town and joined the local fire brigade with him. After leaving our Scaddan farm I got a job at the local high school farm where I run the workshop and teach kids how to weld, build fences and gates and do general mechanical repairs. My interests have broadened since living in town and I have really embraced the challenge of land sailing, building my own land yachts. As for flying, I got my license in 1988. Apart from short forays around Esperance, Rob and I have flown to Coral Bay and enjoyed a trip to Avalon a few years ago.