[17] ATOM

Team Captain: Alan Sattler
Other Members: Jo Sattler
Aircraft: Vans RV-6
Team ATOM rides again this time with a gorgeous copilot (who cant navigate or fly and every time the gforces get up there she starts giggling like a school girl) welcome Jo.

Jo and I (Alan) run a broadacre cropping property north of Beverley WA. We have been married for 23 years and have 4 children aged from 23 to 9, with our eldest son recently married.

The question was asked,"Why are you two doing the Outback Air Race?" 

So after a little bit of thought the only answer we could come up with was "Because we can :-) " After I got back from the air race in 2012 and told Jo all about it she decided that it would be quite an adventure to perhaps attend the next one, so here we are.

Hopefully the Flying Cockies have the Flying Esky organised and possibly help Jo out by carting her excess luggage.

Cheers everyone hope to see you all soon

Thanks Ngarie from NJ Humphrey Photography was an awesome afternoon

Posted by Team ATOM on Sunday, July 19, 2015