[2] Lima Mike

Team Captain:  David Mackey
Other Members:  John Collins
Aircraft:  C182 with G1000 flight deck (woo hoo!)
David Mackey and John Collins have known each longer than they have known their spouses. David is a country boy from north western NSW now living in Sydney and John is born, bred and still living in the wilds of Papua New Guinea.

John has been flying all of his life as a passenger in and out of what the locals in PNG call airstrips but what we know as sides of hills or cliff faces. John operated a C206 as a flying ute for some years around Lae to service his network of wholesale & retail food businesses and so is no strnger to aviation.

Our first major plane trip together was to move the C206 from Cairns to Bankstown for a major overhaul. We had a beautiful journey flying coastal all the way down. A highlight was being intercepted by a RAAF F-18 as we transited the Williamtown CTA – it seems they were a bit suss on the P2-COL call sign. Cheeky bugger showed off by zooming past, cutting in front, two barrel rolls and then a zoom climb to disappear up into the clouds.

David has been flying since the mid ‘80’s and loves flying through the bush. Whilst the normal aviation stead these days is a twin engine Beechcraft Duchess used extensively for Angel Flights (www.angelflight.org.au), our choice for this trip is a C182. An excellent bush plane all round.

David will be PIC and John will be Quarter Master and in charge of our post race sustenance and re-hydration. A better man for the job cannot be found south of the equator.

We are excited about OAR 2015 and look forward to meeting new people, exploring new territory and all the while, supporting he fantastic work of RFDS.