OAR 2012

Finally after 12 days of the most amazing country covering thousands of kilometres and the final challenge of entering Darwin Airspace, all racers arrived safely. Our final dinner saw the red dust washed off and the frocks and dress shirts dragged out of the bottom of the bag. Racers were awarded with their participant medals and overall race winners were Superfly!! Who could believe that the scorer won the race, some might think it dodgy but Peter and Ed both have honest faces. They don't seem to have made the connection between this win and their aircraft battery problems as yet. The Spirit of the Air Race Award went to Grant who travelled with Bliss and the team who raised the most funds for the RFDS was Team GFR (Gavin Rutherford and Peter Thomas) - raising in excess of $67,000!

Overall, this race beat its target of $250,000 raised for the RFDS, with a total figure exceeding $300,000! As the teams scatter from Darwin to the four winds as they return to their home grounds around Australia, we all reflect with great fondness on our amazing experiences with other passionate aviators, our new found friends, and the pride we feel to have made such a great contribution to one of the stalwarts of the great outback.