[21] Race Villains no 7

Team Captain: Phil Hines
Other Members:  Jane Crichton
Aircraft: Vans RV-7

Meet The TEAM -  “Race Villain 7”

Captain and Pilot – Phil Hines - otherwise known as Jack Striker.  Born and bred in the bush from Cootamundra, with 25 years flying experience under his belt. Phil holds an Airline transport pilots license for fixed wing aircraft in addition to a commercial helicopter license and has flown everything from crop dusters to commercial passenger aircrafts. Phil’s sister and family live on a remote property in far western NSW.  His family have witnessed first hand the importance of the RFD's role in rural Australia when they assisted them during a medical emergency following an accident on the property with one of their children. 

Navigator and Flight attendant - Jane Crichton. Growing up on a property at Young NSW, Jane has always had a passion for helping others. She has never been one to stray from a challenge and is always up for a new adventure.  So when Striker invited her to join Race Villain 7 she jumped at the chance – flying across Australia in a 2 seater plane - the opportunity of a lifetime, whilst raising awareness and money for a charity close to her heart.  

Both Phil and  Jane have worked in rural and remote communities across Australia and have an incredible appreciation and understanding for the integral role the RFDS plays in assisting families in these areas. Their combined goal is to raise $25,000 – “as well as surviving each other” - and would love your support to help get them there.