[23] Rodents

Team Captain: Greg Weatherstone
Other Members: Linton Rumble
Aircraft: Cessna 172M
Linton Rumble

I came to Paraburdoo some 30 years ago, after traveling around the world backpacking and following my dream playing Tennis and Coaching in overseas countries. I came from Melbourne where I grow up learn to become Refrigeration & Air Condition Tech I was employed by company called Hamersley Iron who employed to come to Paraburdoo.

My passion for flying came about when I live in Victoria and visiting the local Airport 10 km from home and spend most time riding my bike from Sandringham.

Most things in my life they just fall into place with an idea and keen interest to make it happen. Paraburdoo is a very remote place and my plan was only work here 6 months to 2 years to save money for a house.

That changed my life, living here being involved playing many sports and life style I loved it. I took up coaching kids Tennis repairing old tennis courts.

I met up with Greg through a friend who owned Aircraft based in Paraburdoo, he said you should learn how to fly, as he was arranging flying training school to come to town. That was back in 1990 after now flying some 750 hrs and still and enjoyment putting on head set and go flying.

The RFDS came into my life when I was asked to help out in bike ride from Paraburdoo to Perth to raise money. I also see Greg being part of the bike rider and I was part of support crew, they raised a lot money back then for the RFDS.

I take part in the Outback Race on two occasions with Greg and still friends, this is my third time, why because I know that service brings to my town help so many people from all walks of life at less 150 visits a year into Paraburdoo. Rio tinto and community are great supporters to RFDS the challenge for me, is to raise this money of $4000.00 in less than six months. Where I sit in my community now, I am the Deputy President of the Ashburton Shire.

Make the most of life.

Greg Weatherstone
Took my first flying lesson in South Grafton NSW 8 June 1974 Victa Airtouer 100 BNV (rip) in the early 80s ended up in the Pilbara with Rio in the mines than not long after went into partnership with Linton in Cessna 172M RCK where did most of my flying in the top of end of WA where met lot characters. Transferred to Wickham WA where I spent 4 years working and 1000 HRS throwing skydivers out of a 182. Got myself a RV6A that I had for 6 years living the dream. First RFDS air race Aug 1998 Cessna 172 EEC (rip) starting Alice Springs (RCK was out of service with slight bingle). Second RFDS race Aug 2001 also starting in Alice Springs in RCK which we managed to be Leg Winner and not by skill. Was putting flying behind me until talking to Linton decided to do this Air Trial probably last big trip guess it’s hard to get it out of the blood.