[25] Mockingjay

Team Captain: Leanne McKenzie
Other Members:  Jason Cottier
Aircraft: C177RG
Leanne has been on an awesome journey of achieving her commercial pilot licence, starting off in 2011, achieving PPL in mid 2012 - just in time to participate in part of the 2012 Outback Air Race - then finally achieving commercial in September 2014.  Flying has always been in her blood, work experience at 16 on Ansett flight simulators at Tullamarine, attempt to join the Air Force in the early 90's to be told women don't fly in combat. Finally, her dream is realised. The journey will continue - twins being the next step, yep she's hooked (and broke)! Living close to Jandakot and hearing the RFDS PC12s overhead provide a 'buzz', and also knowing what great service they provide to remote and regional WA. Leanne has spent several years working in regional and remote communities, Newman and Roebourne in the Pilbara and Warmun in the Kimberley, country she adores.
Jason is a Port Hedland boy, from the 'Oasis of the Pilbara'. He has strong connection to the land and a deep respect for remote country. The more fishing Jason can do the happier he is. His years of travel through the Pilbara and Kimberley in light planes means a bumpy flight doesn't bother him at all (Leanne on the either hand enjoys smooth air - not prevalent in the Windy City of Perth). Jason can spot an airstrip miles off, thus is a brilliant passenger to have on board!
Both Leanne and Jason adore travelling the remote corners of WA, throwing the swag in the 4wd and setting off for an adventure exploring to the unknowns. This time the swag will be thrown in the Cessna and the adventure will be from the air. To top it off the adventure will support an important service to the remote parts of Australia that Leanne and Jason love. But they will miss their beloved (spoilt) border collie pups...