[27] Triple Whiskey "On the Rocks"

Team Captain: Warren Millar
Other Members:  John Harris, Geoff Leaver
Aircraft: Socata TB-10


Started my PPL in Canberra 1980 and after many stop/starts finally passed my flight test in 2005. My first solo was the scariest thing I have ever done.  
I am a similar age to Warren and John but, unlike them, have yet to embrace full retirement from my Aquatic Engineering business based in Coffs Harbour.
Changes to CASA’s medical requirements has relegated me to being an air hostess serving coffee from the back seat. Though I hold great resentment towards CASA for clipping my wings I have come to live with it and still get to see much of Australia in our Tobago TB-10 with two great guys.
My fantasy is to own a PBY Catalina and go fishing around the Pacific Islands.
Having a business that deals with many suppliers should provide our team with great sponsorship opportunities (come on guys it’s a great cause).
Looking forward to what will be a great experience and happy to support RFDS in their endeavors.


The first time I flew solo I crash landed!.....It was not until 40 years later in 1996 that I successfully soloed and went on to complete my PPL.
My first solo attempt was as a five year old when I launched myself off the chook shed roof using a large black umbrella for a wing! I didn't know much about aerodynamics in those days but I did have a fascination in flight and aeroplanes, gliders, kites and anything that could fly.

My first flight in an aeroplane was at the age of 10. In the small town of Masterton in NZ where I grew up, I attended an air pageant with my family at Hood Aerodrome. 
At the conclusion of the event they announced that the kid that picked up the most rubbish would get a free flight in a Cessna. Well I took off like a rabbit racing around with a large garbage bag in tow and yes, I won the flight!

In 2001 I purchased a quarter share in a Socata TB10 with a group at the club and after a few changes in the original syndicate it settled with Geoff, John and myself as owners. 
Over the years we have become very good friends and have spent many hundreds of hours flying together to countless inland destinations including flying around the entire coastline of mainland Australia.

In 2011 we purchased N20KE, a younger TB10 in the USA and I had the privilege of flying with George Cois an American pilot, from Blairstown PA (near New York) to Holister in California, all up about 27 hours including a stop over at The Grand Canyon. In Holister the wing was removed and the aircraft packed into a 40ft container for its ride to Kempsey where it was reassembled by Macleay Aircraft Maintenance. 
Our VH-WWW registration was swapped to the newer TB10.

Flying around Australia I have developed a great respect for the RFDS and the work they do servicing the rural communities. It is also a comfort to know that they are always there if needed.
I count it a privilege to join in the OAR and to be involved in fundraising for such a worthy cause. Please dig deep!!! 

I am a retired retailer in my early sixties. During my mid forties my wife reflected that we were now entering the heart attack/stroke age and that if I had any burning ambitions, now would be a good time to realise them.

Helicopters were my original thought but unfortunately training was unavailable in Coffs Harbour at the time. 
I then pursued flight training in fixed wing aircraft and gained my PPL through Coffs Harbour Aero Club.

It was during my time as a member that I was offered a share of a Tobago TB10 . This has proved to be an opportunity to pursue great enjoyment and friendship with my other team mates circumnavigating and flying all over Australia.

We are currently pursuing our IFR to enhance our flying experience. Our friendship includes our wives (non flying) as well and we have enjoyed many overseas travel adventures together our most recent being Antarctica and South America.

I am excited to be involved withŷ the Outback Air Race and with the challenge of fund raising for the Royal Flying Doctors Service.