[3] Flying Cockies

Team Captain:  Greg Ball
Other Members:  Michael Taylor, Phil Robinson
Aircraft: C182Q (Cessna 182Q)

The Cockies have a new look team for their third race.

Allan Thompson has moved to the bench and been replaced by Phil Robinson.

Phil has been flying for a little over ten years mostly flying the Wagin Aero Club 172.

He qualified as a Cockie by hobby farming a hundred acres some years ago and has spent time as accountant at a Ford dealership and Landmark agency in recent years.

Phil adds to the team a moustache, of which the lack of, has been holding The Cockies back. The other members Mike Taylor and Greg Ball hope this can lift them off the bottom of the table.

Mike farms with his wife and two sons. Mike is also a road train driver and the family has a house at Prevelly, near Margaret River, and welcome visitors.

Greg farms with his wife, son and daughter in law and is Deputy President of the Shire.

Greg’s 2yo grandson looks like being a farmer because when he is upset the best thing to calm him down is video of harvesters and tractors on you tube.

All three Cockies are actively involved in the Wagin Aero Club and are long-time supporters of the RFDS. The Aero Club houses fuel for the Rescue helicopter and Police Air Wing helicopter to assist extending the range of the aircraft.

Wagin uses the RFDS service regularly, peaking at 70 missions a few years ago.

The Cockies by entering the race hope to lift the profile of RFDS fundraising in the area in appreciation of the benefit to the district.

Photo, left to right: Greg, Phil, Mike