[21] Dicky Downwind

Team Captain: Alan Kneale

Other Member: Colin Kneale, Simon Kneale and Caleb Kneale

Aircraft:  Cessna 310 VH-DKY

Fundraising Page: 


Team ‘Dicky Downwind’ is a family team with Team Captain and Pilot Alan Kneale, joined by his twin sons, Colin and Simon and Caleb , the eldest of his 12 grandchildren

This is the first time the team has embarked on the Outback Air Race, coming together to support this great cause, but also to share the experience with each other and make some everlasting memories.

Team ‘Dicky Downwind’ feels very privileged to be able to be involved in something so significant that will promote the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and ultimately benefit their ongoing work and support in primarily many of the outback communities.



Alan – Team Captain

As a child fond memories of overhead aircraft sparked his lifelong passion with all things to do with flying and planes. An interest that never swayed become more obtainable in the late eighties when an opportunity to take an introductory flight with the local flying school became a reality, which then lead to obtaining his PPL.  The rest, as we say is history.

In May 2000 Alan purchased his Cessna 310 VH-DKY, nicknamed ‘Dicky’. His son Colin designed the paint colours for the plane which resembles the colours of the sunset.

Alan is a family man married to Agnes. They have three adult children, Colin & Simon and daughter Mandy. An electrician by trade and along with Agnes, run their own electrical company. Always extremely busy the opportunity to fly seems long in-between work commitments but when in the pilot seat, up in the sky, the world seems to disappear.

Alan has been a member of his local Aero Club for many years now, has contributed to the organisation of the Coffs Harbour Air Show and is quite renowned for the ability to always lend a hand. That is the nature of Alan, always wanting to help which is why it is understandable that he is also an Angel Flight Pilot and another reason to be involved in this great cause.


Colin, the oldest twin, is also an electrician in the family business. As a young boy his interest in flying was exciting and as above designed the paint colours for his dad’s plane. He usually gets the front seat in the cockpit and loves every opportunity to get into the sky.

Colin and his wife Lauren have three children, whom are all excited that their Dad is able to join the team. Colin is looking forward to embarking on this trip with his ‘old man’, brother and nephew. Colin knows what a great cause this is to be involved in, while not using Royal Flying Doctors Service directly he has spent large amounts of time in hospital himself and now with one of his sons. Colin is just so proud of the availability of these services to our country.


Simon & his brother in law own their own property maintenance business in Melbourne, and alongside his wife Michelle and their six children, keep a very busy household. As a young boy Simon holds many of the same fond memories as Colin does as they were inseparable at times, although he didn’t get the front seat in ‘Dicky’ quite as often!! His Dad has been an inspiration to many of his life’s adventures with Simon feeling privileged that he was exposed to planes and flying at such a young age. Simon shares a lot of the same generosity as his father and is looking forward to being part of this great cause.



Simon’s eldest son Caleb who is now 13, has grown a love of everything aviation deriving from the love of planes and flying from his Ba, Alan. With aspirations to become ‘Maverick’ from the well loved movie of Top Gun (minus the acting), he is on the path to do whatever it takes to become a pilot. Caleb is currently a Cadet in the Royal Australian Air Force Cadets Squadron 402 taking every opportunity to get into the air and build his knowledge.

Caleb has a strong drive about him with his fundraising ideas already taking flight! As you could imagine, this 13 year old boy is very excited and honoured to be part of such an amazing team, racing for an amazing cause with other like minded participants, overall an experience that will be cherished forever.