[8] Learn to Fly Melbourne

Team Captain: Horace Ho

Other Member: Jack Chan

Aircraft:  SLG2  VGH-LHH (assigned registration)

Fundraising Page: 


Horace Ho

G’day! This is Horace. I am a college undergraduate from Hong Kong majoring in Biotechnology. I started my flight training in 2016 when I was 19 at Moorabbin Airport. Since then, I used all my school leaves to complete my training to become a RA-AUS flight instructor, then a GA instructor in the future. I fell in love with flying from the moment I first touched the control stick on a NG5. I completed my 

Recreational Pilot Certificate in January 2017, obtained my Cross-Country Endorsement and Passenger Endorsement in April 2017 while completed my GA flight review in winter 2017. This is the first ever aviation-related race I have ever taken part in, while it is my honour that my first one is already such meaningful and exciting.










This is Jack. I am a fresh graduate from Hong Kong majoring in Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering and now working hard on my way to become an airline pilot. In 2017, I initiated my flight training at Moorabbin Airport. I fell in love with the sky and my Bristell NG5 ever since. My target is to obtain a Private Pilot License in early 2018. It is my pleasure and honor to be able to take part in Outback Air Race 2018. It is surely the perfect kickoff of my pilot career. 

My excitement on such an amazing, fruitful adventure is beyond words.Both of us are trained by Learn To Fly Melbourne. The school not only instructed us to everything about flying, but alsotaught us every qualities a professional pilot needs. We are going to fly the Sling 2, a LSA manufactured by South African Manufacturer - The Airplane Factory. Sling 2 has been used to round the world twice therefore it is especially good for Cross-Country flights.


We think that getting into airline is not the only way to achieve great thing in aviation, so here we are! Outback Air Race 2018!



By participating in the Outback Air Race 2018, Team Learn To Fly Melbourne would like to take this precious opportunity to promote flying and Aviation to the general public in Hong Kong, especially teenagers, while supporting the Royal Flying Doctors at the same time. Let’s keep the Doctors flying!