[45] Sky Bird

Team Captain: Tez Purcell

Other Member: Kym Purcell

Aircraft:  Cessna 210 VH-KTE

Fundraising Page:  

Central Queensland pilot, Terry Purcell, took up flying in October 2015 when his family bought him an ‘Introductory Flight’ for Father’s Day - from that moment - the Aviation Bug bit. 

Terry studied hard, trained hard and now, along with his Pilot's license, holds a Command Instrument Rating and also a seaplane endorsement, with close to 1000 hours under his belt.

Co-pilot, Kym Purcell has adopted her husband's love for flying and the freedom it brings. Whether it’s going to the city for shopping, a winery for some time off or just simply a break from their engineering business in Gladstone CQ.

The 3rd member of their team (and some may argue the most important…) is ‘Katie’ (VH-KTE) who was born into the Cessna family and adopted by the Purcells a few years ago. Now, even though it’s not polite to point out a ladies features, Katie is a 210N with a 550hp engine and a beautiful glass cockpit, which may we just say - turns heads. 

Katie loves her job and flys extensively throughout Australia, taking parts and her fellow staff member to industrial breakdowns or shutdowns for Purcells Engineering. However, it’s not just her work commitments that keep Katie busy, her humanitarian efforts are just as important, with Katie and Terry helping out as often as they can doing Angel Flights as well. 

In fact, with the RFDS often parking outside Katie's hangar at Gladstone Airport and regularly coming in for a coffee and comfortable chair while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, it was the stories of the long hours and numbers of patients that they assisted that inspired Terry, Kym & Katie to do the race.

With Terry volunteering on the board of the Gladstone Area Promotion & Development, it’s hoped that not only can the SkyBird Team showcase often maligned Harbour City in a more truthful and positive light - but make a real difference in the continual charitable funding of Australia’s true iconic charities.