[30] SOAR Aviation 2

Team Captain: Hayley Urwin

Other Member: Joel Branch-Spence

Aircraft:  TBC

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Hayley Urwin

I’ll admit that I am quite new to the world of aviation, but I would never even for a second consider working towards anything else in this short span of time that we call life. I have had my fair share of ups and downs with regards to flying, yet the sheer thrill of each and every flight has me more and more eager to knuckle down harder, and strive to obtain my CPL and beyond to establish a career out of my studies someday.

I was drawn into this new and exciting world via the passion/skills that I and many other aviators share, which is of course in the fields of Mathematics and Geography. Seeing as the idea of travelling from point A to B via a few simple equations and a map or two has always sparked my love for adventure and keeps my thoughts full of endless possibilities. I am an adventurer at heart and whether it be planned or completely spontaneous an escapade is the most soul fulfilling experience of them all.

The Outback Air Race is most definitely a race like no other seeing as not many teenagers, such as myself have the opportunity to navigate and experience the breath-taking views of this gigantic island that I call home from the skies above.

To also support such a large and critically important organisation which is the Royal Flying Doctors Service is an absolute honour, to say the least. What the RFDS have done and are still doing for this country shall never go unnoticed to the countless Australians that support and in some cases owe their lives to the selfless efforts of the RFDS team."

Joel Branch-Spence

Growing up, I was always interested in aviation. My adopted brother and I spent a lot of time overseas in Ethiopia, where he is originally from. I always enjoyed the plane trips more than the holidays and as I got older I started asking my parents to let me fly. For my 16th birthday, my parents bought me a trial flight. From the moment the plane took to the sky, I was hooked.

I gave up flying for a while as I moved overseas to Switzerland, but when I returned, I took up flying again. After high school, I enrolled in a full-time aviation course and got my CPL aerobatics endorsement, tailwheel endorsement, night VFR and Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating.

In 2016, I started working at Soar Aviation as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor and have since worked my way up to Grade 2 Flight Instructor, and Internal Training Manager. I am also attempting my Grade 1 rating in March.

Participating in the Outback Air Race, in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is important to me as I have had close family members count on them. Without the RFDS, members of my family, would not be around today.

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