[3] Bliss

Team Captain:  Patrick DuBois
Other Members:  Janelle DuBois, Grant Taylor
Aircraft: PA32-260 (Cherokee 6)
Lycopodium recognises the importance of the RFDS in supporting outback Australia and is proud to sponsor team BLISS
Janelle & Patrick have competed in each of the 2003, 2006 and 2009 Air Races and are becoming “old” hands at the event, which doesn’t translate into winning necessarily! As a husband and wife team, it is a great opportunity for us to enjoy both the flying aspect with seeing the incredible outback of Australia.

Whist participation in the event is a great experience, the intent of the event is to raise funds for the RFDS. In 2009 we were particularly successful in our fund raising, where together with fellow team member Peter Peebles, we raised $25,000. We look forward to getting as close as possible to that amount in the forthcoming WorleyParsons Outback Air Race 2012.

Patrick gained his flying licence 40 years ago at Whyalla whilst an engineering trainee with BHP. There was then a lapse in flying until taking up gliding at Beverley Soaring Society in 1994. Apart from gliding, he gained a glider launch endorsement flying the mighty Piper Pawnee. Patrick’s flying time now totals 900 hours in power and 550 in gliding. Flying has obviously been an important part of his life.

Janelle shares the cockpit load as navigator, chart and food services manager.

Grant Taylor, life-time friend (and light aircraft sceptic!) from Melbourne will make up the team of three.