Chinwags are an update session held prior to the Race.  They provide an opportunity for the committee to update participants on planning details for the event, answer participants questions and provide general information to the event that will be usefull later on.  Topics that were discussed last event included topics such as likely weather conditions (by Aviation Forcaster from the BOM), update on the RFDS, tips and hints of Aerial photography and discussion of aircraft maintenance by the race LAME.

The following dates / times, have been provisionally set for the remaining 2018 Chinwags.  Confirmation details will be posted on this website, Facebook and sent to everyone on our mailing list.

Chinwag 2   1830 AWST Tuesday 10th April 2018

Chinwag 3   1830 AWST Tuesday 12th June 2018

Chinwag 4   1830 AWST Tuesday 10th July 2018

Chinwag 5   1830 AWST Tuesday 31st July 2018

Jandakot Racer’s Farewell Sun 5 August early afternoon. TBC

The events are held live at the Royal Aero Club of WA, and will cast over the internet for people not able to attend.

A Reminder / Notification of these events will be made closer to the event, which will include log-on details for people dialing in.