The Target for the Outback Air Race 2018 is $500,000.

The Outback Air Race has raised over $2.1 million for the Royal Flying Doctor Service since the inaugural event in 1996. The money raised goes towards medical fit-out of aircraft, providing life saving equipment for those in need.  These funds are distributed across the different RDFS sections within Australian, in accordance with the "home" location of the compeating teams.



The Outback Air Race 2018 is now accepting donations.  Each team had their own "Everydayherro" account, so if you wish to support an individual team, please use their page (you can search for the teams by name), otherwise, the Event Account is also availiable. 



Historically this event raised money for The Royal Flying Doctor - Western Operations.  The current model is that each team is rasing funds for their home state RFDS operation, with the funds being repatriated from RFDS WA to the RFDS operations in teams home state.

Internationals participants will be required to nominate the RFDS service of their choice so the funds can be directed to that service.

The effort that you put into fundraising will therefore be in support of RFDS services in you own “outback” and local communities.



Administration of the event is being managed by a volunteer group of "Race Organisers", with input and guidance from the various RFDS operations around the country. This eases the workload for the RFDS and allows the group to purely focus on race issues.