[18] Hands Up

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Team Captain:  Noel Archer
Other Members:  Leanne McKenzie
Aircraft:  Cessna 172
Team Hands up, Noel and Leanne start their adventure, a great contigent of well wishers bidding us good bye from Jandakot. First stop, Kalgoorlie, it was as quiet as a mouse, for some reason expected more traffic, but just the one departing as we made our 10 mile call. Landed and pulled up at the fuel bowser only to find that the fuel card was not provided to us at Jandakot. YAY! Without a fuel card you can't get fuel from the bowser, but have to call out the truck, and with that comes a callout fee..... Lovely fellow, Paul, who pulled up to re fuel in a Piper Dakota (very nice looking aircraft) kindly used his card and we gave him cash. That was pretty much the only unplanned item at Kal.
Arriving at Forrest yesterday, after following the train line the whole way, if only that was the case more often, we wouldn't have to be so concerned as to where we were every 10 minutes.  From our very smooth 7500 foot cruising altitude, we very soon hit the afternoon thermals, bit of bumping around but we were soon on the ground, lovely air strip in the middle of no where, and we were greeted by Rhona and Grant, such lively hosts at Forrest, I'd come back just for a little hospitality and good food!
Today was a different story, bumpy at every level, from the 1500 feet along the SA coastline; where we saw at least 9 whales, Noel has some photos up to 3500, still bumpy, then 5500, even still bumpy, then to 7500 feet, and still no smooth air... Apparently we should have tried 9500 like some others, anyhow we made it to Ceduna. After a refreshing beer and meeting the other race participants we are all ready for our first race leg to  Arkaroola tomorrow. An 850 metre sand air strip, hmm that should be fun... 
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Previous Events

Team Hands Up, are hosted two separate fundraising events on the 12th and 15th of August 2012. Click on the event fliers below for more information:

Dinner Night, Lamonts Restaurant, Cottesloe - 12th August 2012
Movie Night, Cygnet Cinemas, Preston St Como - 15th August 2012