Leg 3: Charleville

Innamincka to Charleville

Distance: 300nm

Date: Friday 31st August

Leg Sponsor:
Thanks to today’s sponsor INTERGRAPH. Air racers arrived in Charleville throughout the day as teams went elsewhere to see the local sights before their final destination. A number went to the Dig Tree site to view the tree where Burke buried supplies.
One of the leg winners was trolling the street in the afternoon looking for donations when he was challenged by police and identification requested. We couldn’t understand why a man walking around accosting strangers with a golden life size leg thrown over one shoulder would draw police attention. It was a great story for the evening fines segment and like a good fishing story has grown in the detail.
Everyone arrived safely in time to enjoy a fantastic country sized meal (we will have to redo our weight and balance soon) at the Charleville lawn bowls club. Teams had been requested and an evening competition was arranged. Bliss were the leg winners for Leg three, no mean feat considering they were using mostly dead reckoning, after suffering a flight program glitch.