We have collated some photos and videos below that were either taken either during the race or of race participants.

2015 Race Video - "I'd go with you anywhere"


2015 Photos

Participants from our 2015 event compiled their best photos to a common Google Drive album. There was a lot of talent in the group producing some amazing photos - both from the air and on the ground. Click here to see them all!


Team 26 - The Instrumentals Promo Video

The Instrumentals had an excellent Twitter and Facebook campaign in 2015. In particular, we really liked their entertaining (and slightly worrying!) promo video filmed in their hanger.

THE INSTRUMENTALS live: watch the way that we do it!

Posted by Outback Air Race 2015: The Instrumentals for RFDS on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Superfly Race Video

Ed McGough and Peter Kneale filmed their journey on the 2012 Outback Air Race.


Andrew Hamilton Australia Day 2014

Andrew Hamilton from team Yahooo took his home built Vans RV-7A out for a spin on Australia Day 2014


Outback Air Race 2012 Photo Show

A compilation of photos from the 2012 event and the Superfly Video. Note: this is currently not available to view on mobile devices.


Cloncurry Auction 2012

** volume warning - very loud! ** The Cloncurry council entertained us in 2012 at their new town hall. As part of the evening festivities, an auction was held with all profits towards the flying doctor - The Flying Cockies offered up some of their rare, vintage hats for auction! Last of their kind, we've been told.


More photos

We have a number of photos from the 2012 event up on our Facebook page. Click on the link to our Facebook page to see all of the albums.