[40] Mighty Maroon

Team Captain: Robert Rey

Other Member: Donna Rey

Aircraft: Bonanza A36  VH-RMM

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Robert Rey Bio:

I started my flying career about 10 years ago after coming back from overseas and determined to fill a life long ambition of becoming a pilot. I joined the Redcliffe Aero Club and started my way to eventually now holding an Instrument and night rating with just under 1,000 hours under my belt. After completing my PPL I purchased VH-RMM a 1991 A36  Bonanza, and since then most of my flying hours have been in this beautiful machine. I have travelled all up and down the east coast numerous times with a couple of trips to the centre of Australia as well.

Over the past 5 years I have been actively involved in Angel Flights throughout Queensland and northern NSW, which is why I am looking forward to assisting further through this great cause raising money for the RFDS. In doing Angel Flights you soon understand how difficult it is for people in remote places to get to and from hospitals for medical treatment. It’s an honour to use my skill and love for flying to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. The RFDS do an amazing job flying in and out of places that most would have never heard of, these dedicated pilots and medical staff are a vital link to our vast country.

Looking forward to hopefully making a difference and meeting some amazing people....

Donna Rey Bio:

When my husband said he was doing the race, I knew I had to be apart of it. I feel what the RFDS does for our country is amazing, and with Rob doing Angel  Flights  to be able to help people in need is what we  like to do. I have worked in Pharmacy for the last 26 years and to see the patients I see this is a really good cause. 

I am so looking forward to it and this will be the biggest trip I have done flying in our Bonanza. I hope to meet a lot of people while doing this Outback Air Race.