[Follow Us Live!]

With less than a week to go, we have enabled our live tracking page, available under SOAR 2015 > [Follow Us Live!]. This page features a live tracking map for all 26 aircraft using AvPlan live data, which will be automatically updated every 15 seconds while flying. Watch between now and Sunday to see racers from all over Australia converge on Esperance for the race start, then commence the first leg to Forrest together Monday morning, 24th August!

In addition to the live map, we have an embedded feed from our facebook page, a twitter board (which will display the latest tweets with handle @outbackairrace), team page links and a mail subscription form.

During the race, we will have an active blog (written by Fiona Hamilton) keeping you up to date with rumours, controversy and shenanigans.

This event has already broken records and we haven't even made it to the start line.. we look forward to keeping you up to date with event progress and announcements!

(Racers - For your aircraft to appear, you must be using your team captains account, with AvPlan live enabled, in flight mode and with cellular connection. We have sent you and email with more information. Any questions please contact the webmaster).