Where shall we fly to on the 2018 Outback Air Race?

Last week we held our first meeting to start planning Outback Air Race 2018.  It is planned for late August / early September 2018.

As always, step 1 is deciding the route.  And that’s where you come in.

We know that you fly around this great country of ours like we do, visit cool places and talk to other aviators – so you know stuff – stuff we want to know too!

So please tell us about fantastic places in Australia that you’d really like OAR2018 to visit.

Our plan is to assemble all of those suggestions on a map, and then see what race route or routes may be possible to take in lots of those great places.

You can submit as many suggested destinations as you like – the more the better (so long as they’re awesome places).

Basic info we want from you are:
 - Name of the place, and which state is it in
 - Why you like it and what’s to do or see there
 - Confirmation that it can accommodate 50 people minimum (and please give an estimate of about how many actually could be accommodated there)
 - Confirmation that it has good parking at the airport for a minimum of 20 aircraft
 - Confirmation that Avgas available there, or at least nearby 

To get you warmed up, here’s a few links to browse for inspiration:

Shelley Ross’ excellent “Flying the Outback" website http://www.flyingtheoutback.com.au/destinations
Air Adventure’s website http://www.airadventure.com.au/
Outback Flying Adventure’s website  http://www.outbackflyingadventures.com.au/
And last but not least, the Outback Air Race’s own website detailing past event itineraries: 1996-2009  2012  2015 

Please email your suggestions to us info@outbackairrace.com.au before April 7th2017.  This is your chance to make 2018 just the event you want it to be.

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