Recharge Petroleum - Offer to become “Official Fuel Supplier to OAR2018”


We have had an offer from Recharge Petroleum to become the “Official Fuel Supplier to OAR2018”
The details of the offer are:

  • Teams sign up for a Recharge Petroleum BP Card.
  • Teams will receive (attributed to their fundraising totals) 8c/l between now and the end of the event.  This will boost the teams fundraising, but won’t save you any money on fuel, BUT….
  • For teams that already receive a discount off bowser price on their BP card, Recharge Petroleum will honour that, but subtract that from the 8cpl donation calculation. E.g. if you get 2c/l discount, Recharge will preserve that discount, but their donation to the RFDS will be reduced by that 2c/l, to 8-2 = 6c/l.
  • ALSO, Recharge Petroleum will donate $250/team that use the carnet to the max extent possible during the actual race.
  • Teams that rent aircraft on a wet basis will need to lobby the aircraft operator / owner to see if they accept to use the Recharge card instead of the carnet the operator, presumably provides to the hirer of the a/c; or change to a dry hire basis etc.
  • It doesn’t matter if you already have a BP Carnet.  If you order and use a Recharge Petroleum BP card, you’ll still have your original card, so you will have 2 cards. Just use the Recharge Petroleum BP Card until OAR2018 is over, then you can choose to give it back, or hang on to it.
  • If all teams takes up the offer, OAR gets well over $10,000 (maybe $15 or $20k)

This offer is open to anyone, not just participating aircraft, so if your friends sign up for a Recharge Petroleum BP Card (and associate it with your team), your team will receive the 8c/l fundraising contribution.  Please forward this email onto anyone you know that might be interested in supporting your teams fundraising efforts. 

There is two links associated with this offer:

  1. The Offer from Recharge Petoleum
  2. Recharge AirBP Locations 

Anyone interested in taking up the offer above should complete the form on the link above.

If you are accepting this offer, or have any question about it, please contact Ed Jones on: