SOAR2015 Photobook Ready!

Our 2015 Photobook is ready... and it’s worth the wait! Featuring amazing photography from all of our photo contributors and in particular our talented aerial photographers Fiona Hamilton and Mal MacDonald, the 74 page coffee table book will let you show off your journey to friends and family.

Titled ‘above and beyond’, the book recognizes the contribution by each and every participant who made the 2015 race a record-breaker.

We have attached a few sample pages as a taster. The book follows our journey from start to finish, including not only all the people, planes and scenery, but also a few of our favourite poems (well done again John and Daniel!).

We managed to secure a very reasonable price for the books, which cost $75 including postage within Australia. Using the ordering form below you can use your Paypal account, credit card or direct debit.

Of course, they are available for purchase by anyone and not just participants.

If you have any questions please contact us!

The final date for ordering is Sunday March 27th.