[28] Show me the Mooney

Team Captain: John Martindale

Other Member: Tim Alexander

Aircraft:  Mooney M20J VH-CAI

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"Show me the MOONEY!"  Team Bio

John Martindale

When I was a young fella maturing on the Nullarbor, it was the RFDS that introduced me to flying via the School of the Air in Kalgoorlie in the late 1970s. I moved to Lismore in 1980 and was later taught to fly by Tim Edwards who then moved on to fly for the RFDS at Alice Springs (when he wasn’t dreaming about flying blimps). 

I married another pilot (Janet) from Lismore in 1988 and we bought our first aircraft…...a 1968 Cessna 177. So RFDS, although it doesn’t know it, is also in the dating and family planning business. Janet and two other female pilots came second in the Kanga Hop Nav Trial in 1985 in that aircraft (they would have won but I talked them out of a correct answer and still hear about it now!!). Janet and I were active in the Northern Rivers Aero Club and later Royal Newcastle Aero Club up until the mid-1990s when we moved to Coffs Harbour where we purchased a Mooney.

Here we met our worthy local opponents in this year’s race, Triple Whisky “On the Rocks” and the Mullawarriens….. both of which can expect friendly sledging over the next eight months having convinced us to participate. My team mate Tim also flies a Mooney, and like all Mooniacs, cannot resist any form of debate with their team leaders Woza and Sargeant Singlet. 

We will be flying a 1977 Mooney M20J and also hope to take on the legendary “Bad Mooney Rising”. 

This is going to be just so much fun for a worthy cause …. thank you in advance to all the organisers.

Tim Alexander

My dad was a pilot in the SAAF (South African Air Force), but my interest in flying was only seriously piqued when I was given some flying lessons for a significant (OK – 50th) birthday.

After arriving in Australia from overseas, working as a project manager on large infrastructure projects from a base in Coffs Harbour made me realise that some significant travel could well be on the cards if I wanted to remain gainfully employed, so I completed my PPL in 2005, upgrading to a Command Instrument Rating in 2012.

I started commuting to all sorts of locations across the state of NSW shortly after receiving my PPL, and soon realised that owning an aircraft was cheaper than renting a plane, so I bought my beloved Mooney M20F (VH-DRJ) in 2009, and have since logged over 1600 hours up and down the state.

My wife, Marguerite, and I love flying the Outback, particularly to participate in the regular annual Mooney fly-ins, and have visited many and far-flung locations across the continent.

I am also a keen surfer, sailor and musician in my spare time, as well as a supporter of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and am looking forward very much to this next adventure.