Naming Rights


Steadfast Foundation. Steadfast and its brokers actively support the communities in which they live and work, typically donating around 1% of net profit after tax to charitable causes each financial year.

Steadfast created the Steadfast Foundation to facilitate grants and charitable contributions that support charities helping people overcome adversity, with $1.3 million in donations made in its first 10 years.

The Steadfast Foundation is guided by the Steadfast Foundation Board which is responsible for reviewing all submissions and will make its funding decisions for the benefit of the community and in alignment with the philosophy of the Foundation.

Charities are often chosen based on the recommendations of members of the Steadfast network and include cancer research and support, mental health, surf lifesaving, children’s causes and charities supporting the homeless and disadvantaged.

Charities supported include BeyondBlue, McGrath Foundation, Surf Life Saving, Salvation Army, Startlight Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation and of course, the RFDS.

Thanks to a connection one of our organising committee had with the Steadfast group, we are very proud to have them join us as the event Naming Rights supporter and look forward to working with them over coming months and throughout the race. This is a very exciting connection for us and their support for us and the RFDS, really is incredibly generous. 

Major Sponsors


The Classic Safari Company are a leading Australian Safari Specialist, Est. 1992 by South African born Julie McIntosh (of Team 29 – Juliet’s Safaris). They operate tours in African and Latin America and India sub-continent and support many charities including Cancer Council Australia, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Taronga Foundation and, now, the Royal Flying Doctor Service via the Outback Air Race!

The Classic Safari Company have generously donated a 12 night luxury safari wilderness and rail tour of Zimbabwe and South African for 2 worth over $20,000 for teams to raffle, with all funds raised going towards the teams fundraising total. If you would like to buy tickets please contact your closest team, or contact the committee.


Summit Fleet. Established in Australia in 1997, Summit Fleet Auto Lease Australia Pty Limited (Summit Fleet leasing and Management) is majority owned by the Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company, Limited (SMAS). The Summit Fleet brand represents value, service and strength. Customers continue to enjoy a level of service that exceeds expectation, whilst also receiving the benefits of an experienced and established management team.

SMAS has over 30 years of experience and has a reputation for innovation and technological advancement. It is the leading fleet leasing and management organisation (FMO) in Japan with a growing presence in India, Thailand and Indonesia, making them one of the top 10 fleet management and leasing organisations globally!

“It is great to be involved in such a unique way of raising money for a much relied upon service in Australia.” David Clinch, the General Manager of Summit Fleet has shared. “We look forward to hearing stories from the pilots and team at Outback Air Race and seeing great results for our friends at the RFDS."


Leg Sponsors

Lawson Grains owns and operates a diversified portfolio of large scale cropping farms, currently in NSW and WA. To date, Lawson is operating eight property aggregations totalling approximately 78,000 hectares. They operate 2 properties – Hakea and Gunnadoo - down in the Esperance area near our race start. Their properties are managed by permanent “on property” staff as well as seasonal staff. Lawsons primary goal is to operate a sustainable cropping business, achieving superior long term returns while effectively managing risks.

Lawson are part of the Macquarie Agriculture Funds portfolio, part of the larger Macquarie Bank enterprise.

While Lawson have committed to support us through their company, they have also started an internal campaign with each of their property management and head office management teams undertaking additional local fund raising. They have even setup an internal competition among themselves for the property that can raise the most additional funds.
Paraway Pastoral Company owns and operates large-scale sheep and cattle properties across Australia. Formed in 2007, Paraway has become one of the largest pastoral land owners and operators in Australia, with a total combined land holding of over 3.6 million hectares ... And yes ... we know what you’re thinking ... that IS bigger than Belgium. One of Paraway properties, Davenport Downs, is the largest cattle station in QLD, at 15,000 sq km.

To date, Paraway has purchased 30 properties and has aggregated these into 17 pastoral businesses.  The current total land holding has the capacity to run approximately 220,000 cattle and 240,000 sheep.

Like Lawson Grains – Paraway is also engaging its property teams in an internal competition to raise additional funds, over and above the main company support we have received. And like Lawson, Paraway is also a part of the Macquarie Agriculture Funds portfolio, part of the larger Macquarie Bank enterprise.
AvPlan EFB is a multi-award winning electronic flight bag (EFB) for Apple and Android devices.
From local VFR recreational aviation through to professional IFR charter and global airline operations, AvPlan EFB has been designed to simplify your flying by using the portability, effortlessness and processing capability of your iPhone™ or iPad™.
Continuing to lead the market with unparalleled innovation and functionality, AvPlan EFB features multiple Australian firsts with terrain warning, touch to display restricted airspace status, automatic IFR airway planning and geo-referenced airport taxi & instrument approach diagrams to arm you with superior situational awareness.
Envisioned, developed and rigorously tested by Australian pilots for Australian pilots, AvPlan EFB integrates everything you need to prepare, plan and execute your flight – whether it be in a recreational aircraft, corporate jet or something in between.
AvPlan EFB is delighted to become a sponsor of the Outback Air Race. In addition to sponsoring a leg of the race, AvSoft HQ is also equipping the race participants with AvPlan EFB on their iPads to ensure they are fully equipped with the most up-to-date electronic flight bag on the market. Full training, via webinar, will be provided for pilots and co-pilots to ensure the participants benefit from the rich range of features AvPlan EFB has to offer.
AVPlan EFB is proud to be involved in the Outback Air Race and wishes clear skies and tailwinds to everyone involved.


Clisdells Strata Managers. Founded and operated by one of our very own Outback Air Racers, Peter Clisdell of the “Mittagong 210’ers” has been Managing Director of Clisdells for 45 years.

A Body Corporate Management Company based in Rockdale, Sydney. We are a family run company, established in 1950 in the St George / Sutherland area of Sydney, NSW.

Originally specialising in real estate sales and valuations, we have now diversified into specialist fields of Strata and Community schemes management together with a very active valuations team.

Clisdells now employ 54 Staff, manage some 1,800 buildings containing 17,000 lots located as far south as Jindabyne (snowy region of NSW) to as far north as Lake Macquarie in the Newcastle area. However, the backbone of our business remains based in the Sutherland and St George area of Sydney.

We are particularly proud that Clisdells manage three of the top 10 “Sydneys Apartments with the Highest Capital Gain over 10 years” as published by the Australian Financial Review.

Clisdells are avid supporters of the RFDS and Angel Flight and Peter just flew his 101st Angel Flight – now that’s an impressive achievement. 
Stuck on You. Stuck On You began in 1995 - We are the original kids label company! Stuck on You was invented out of a need to label my first child's belongings for crèche.
At the time I wanted a business that could keep me at home with my baby, I also had another one on the way and was seeking an opportunity to give me flexibility at the same time.
Like you, I am a great believer in quality, service and the environment.  We confidently shout from the roof tops that we believe we offer the best product in the market place, we have based our whole company on offering other mums like myself and everyone that works with us a great inexpensive way of keeping track of your kids things!
Our labels are tough, they have been tested by kids all over the world. Our success has come from word of mouth. Apart from great quality, our products are great fun; they are loved by mums, dads, kids and schools alike.
With the advances of technology we are now able to offer you and your children the opportunity to not only select their favourite icons, designs and colours but create labels right in front of your eyes with our state of the art website. Things have certainly come a long way from when I was introducing mums to Stuck on You at coffee mornings.
I am proud that Stuck On You is 100% family owned and all of our labels are created and personalised in house. We have an amazing team of creative people working in offices allover the world, we believe everyone in this business has a say.
Since our humble beginnings we have added many, many more products to our range and first and foremost in our mind is service, quality and design.  Like all mums I want to buy products that I can rely on and our business has been built up over the years because we act on what we say.
I have a passion and love for all things organised... I hope that doesn't mean I am boring! I just love making time to do the fun things in life like, spending time with family and friends, cooking & entertaining.
I hope you love our products as much as we do.