[2] Superfly

Team Captain:  Ed McGough
Other Members:  Peter Kneale
Aircraft:  C182T

Article: Team Superfly hosts successful BBQ - 14th July 2012

UPDATE 19/08/12: Team SUPERFLY have reached their fundraising target of $12,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and would like to thank everyone for helping them reach their goal!!
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Ed McGough and Peter Kneale are relatively junior pilots, having completed their licences in 2007 and 2010 respectively (and both being under 35!). They met racing skiffs on the Swan River and discovered that they shared a passion for aviation. Ed convinced Peter to attend the introductory meeting for the 2012 Outback Air Race. Ed somehow managed to slip quietly out of that meeting without picking up any responsibility whereas Peter had volunteered to develop and maintain this website!

Ed flies regularly through the Curtin Flying Club at Jandakot and is currently undertaking a night rating - just in case! Ed is apparently (according to his wife) obsessed with flying and loves an adventure, so this trip seemed like an ideal opportunity to combine the two. He will be spending every hour he can afford to 'practising' between now and the race, more so that we don't get lost than so that we can win.

Peter has always wanted to fly around Australia on an “adventure” such as the one offered by the Outback Air Race. He sees the air race as an ideal opportunity hone his skills with the added safety and camaraderie of being amongst other experienced pilots. As with every flight, planning and preparation is essential, and for this reason Peter is happy to be involved in the planning committee for the race.