[36] Tamworth Cruisers

Team Captain: Rob Clifton

Other Member:  John Glynn

Aircraft: SR20  VH-FSC

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Captain Rob Clifton:

My interest in aviation started as a result of my Father’s WWII service with the RAAF and subsequent employment with Qantas mainly flying the Brisbane-Darwin route after the war. I really got interested after backseating on my brother’s cross countries for his PPL. The seed was sown!

I started flying at Tamair in 1977 after an aborted attempt at Engineering. I gained my PPL in 1978 and CPL in 1979. I have been very fortunate to be employed as a pilot all my life and been paid to do what I love. 

John convinced me to buy into the Cirrus a few years ago and it is the best decision I have made in years. I have done a couple of trips to North Queensland and back through Birdsville and hope to cover most of Australia when retirement comes around in the next couple of years.  

My aims for the Outback Air Race are: to raise as much money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, to have as much fun as possible and hopefully to finish with more points than Where’s Ya Buccaneers!!!

 John Glynn

I am a PPL holder and a part owner of an SR 20 VH-FSC based in Tamworth NSW.  I have been specialising as an aviation lawyer for the past 30 years, I am a Director of AOPA Australia.  I have been flying since 1984 and have covered vast swathes of Australia.  I also hold an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate.  I recently sold my legal practice in Tamworth to the Stacks Law Group and am hoping to use my retirement to do more flying.

My first aviation experience was flying in a DC3 into the Darling Downs as a small boy.  This kindled my love of aviation and my first time at the controls was when I was 15 in a Victa Aerotourer with a former WW2 Spitfire pilot.

It wasn’t until 1984 that I was able to start training to get my PPL.  Since then I have used my flown for pleasure and business. One of the things on my bucket list is to complete an Air Race.