[6] Team TLC

Click here for details of their next fundraising dinner, Tuesday 22nd May 2012
Team Captain: Trevor Jones
Other Members:  Linda Maule
Aircraft: TBC

Team TLC takes the RFDS Outback Air Race very seriously. T, L & C will all get equal weight on the aircraft. As race controller (Trevor) and official scorer (Linda), we believe we have a more than fair chance of pulling off 1st place. We're in it to wine it, we're Riesling to the challenge. As experienced pilots however, we drink responsibly and never spill a drop, even in severe turbulence. Just kidding, 8 hours bottle to throttle folks! 

Trevor is an experienced professional pilot and Manager for Club Flying at Royal Aero Club of WA. Linda has been a licensed pilot for 7 years and is a Director for the Royal Aero Club of WA.