[6] Turbo Safari

Team Captain: Ed Jones

Other Member: Duong Phan, Jordan Phan, Kim Loan Bui, Sue Lake and Kathy Beardsall

Aircraft: Piper Lance Turbo PA32RT-300T

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Why is the team name “Turbo Safari”?

In the 2015 OAR, Ed flew a 4-seater aircraft made by the French company Pierre Avion Robin, known as a Robin Safari and called his team “Robin Safari” in the event.  In 2018 we are flying a 6-seater aircraft made by the Piper corporation a PA-32RT-300T, known as a Turbo Lance.   To keep continuity from the last event we combined elements from both names and have called the team “Turbo Safari”.

Who are Team Turbo Safari?

Team Turbo Safari is a group of four workmates along with one work mate’s wife and their 10-year-old son who are flying a light aircraft in the Outback Air Race in 2018.  Meet the team:

Hi, my name is Ed and I’m the pilot and team Captain for team “Turbo Safari”.  I took part in the 2015 Outback Air Race and my team (then called Robin Safari after the type of aircraft we flew) raised $15,400 for the RFDS.  Having lived on the Outback in both the Northern Territory and the North of WA I really appreciate the need for a service like the RFDS.  I’m looking forward to the team raising more than $20,000 for the 2018 event and sharing the experience of flying nearly 5850 nautical miles (10,840kms) over our fantastic country with my fiends and colleagues.

I am Duong, qualified as a Naturopath, Acupuncture &Traditional Chinese medicine, Currently I work with Ed and my hobbies include karate and tinkering with motorbikes.   I’ve always had a passion for flying I’m married to a lovely lady, who is also coming with us. The Outback air race is a great cause and I am hoping the 2018 event will etch a unforgettable memory.

Hi, my name is Loan and I am married to my Husband Duong.  We have one child, a 10 year old son.  His name is Jordan.  I work as a florist and love watching movies  (my favourite genre is action movies).   I have only seen parts of Australia and hope to see the rest of Australia from a different view in 2018 during the Outback Air race. 

Our current pet project is our son Jordan who is coming along for the flight.

Hi, my name is Jordan and I go to Mary Mackillop Catholic Community Primary School.  At school I love maths and also like to play with my friends at school.  On Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturdays after school, I go to karate in Greenwood.  Also if you are wondering about family, my family is Duong (my dad), Loan (my mom) Ham(my grandpa) and  Billy (my grandma). I am nearly 10 years old. I have flown 4 times with Cpt. Ed to Rottnest Island and I love flyin


Hello, my name is Sue and I work with Ed, Duong and Kathy.  I love travel and the Outback Air Race gives me a fantastic opportunity to see this great country while at the same time supporting such a worthwhile cause.  The RFDS is an organisation that is respected world wide and again in 2016 it has been named “Australia's most reputable charity”—for the sixth year in a row.  I’m looking forward to joining my friends and colleagues in this unique typically Australian event and adventure.



I am Kathy, a positive person previously a high school teacher loving history and people.  I have visited Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) museum in Alice Springs and looked into the history of how it all began.  Since then I have been in awe of what this organization achieves and how many lives depend on them each year and seen first hand their work. I am therefore extremely proud  and privileged, to join in this truly worthwhile cause raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor. I work with Ed, Duong and Sue.



W: https://taffperth.wixsite.com/oarturbosafari

E: edperth@hotmail.com

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/turbosafari