[18] Wagin Woolorama Cockies

Team Captain: Greg Ball

Other Member: Mike Taylor

Aircraft:  Cessna 182Q VH-HWM

Fundraising Page:


Greg Ball and Mike Taylor from Wagin Western Australia, 250 kilometres south east of Perth.

Wagin Woolorama Cockies are helping to promote the Wagin Woolorama as a significant donation will be made by the committee to the RFDS through us.

Woolorama is an annual 2 day event in Wagin showcasing the district and the people.  It's been going for 115 years and has been called Woolorama for the last 46.  It attracts over 30,000 from around Australia and in 2018, with the next event being  being held on 9-10th March 2018. It is the largest non metro AGRICULTURAL show in WA.

Captain Greg Ball is a farmer from Wagin WA with a wife, son, daughter in law and grandchildren.

I have been flying for twenty years and agriculturing for a lot longer.

The RFDS entered our lives as our son was flown to Perth on his first day on the outside 35 years ago.  A local UKELELE AND GUITAR band I occasionally busk with ask for a donation to the RFDS as payment, and some even pay!

I am an optimist by nature and believe  Avgas price will come down and CASA will issue free ASICs.

In my spare time I do crop insurance assessing, Justice of the Peace work and am chief taster of Emu Export after Wagin Shire Council meetings where I fill the role as Deputy President.

This is our fourth race , we started in 2009, and have great pleasure in being allowed each time to let all the other teams finish above us in the rankings. The cause, camaraderie and scenery are our priorities.

Chaperoning Team ATOM will be onerous, as Jo Sattlers wardrobe will take up most of our baggage allowance, along with Allans spare wallet chock full of Beverley (West Australia) bounty.

My first mate Mike Taylor is known as The Mayor of Wedgecarrup with his family residing there for 150 odd years.  He farms some prime country west of Wagin with his two boys and his wife Cheryl and occupies the small amount of time left after farming to relax at his second residence near Margaret River on WA's beautiful coast.  Mike is an accomplished road train driver and fills in occasionally as Father Xmas. His knowledge of music and devotion to watching cricket are legendary.  

His main claim to fame is trying to land on the wrong island a couple of races ago and ratting on his team captain for forgetting his wedding anniversary.  Mike has a lot of sheep and this may have affected his outlook on the world.  His ambition is to remember to start the timer at the commencement of one leg properly.