[22] Westy's Wizards

Team Captain: Mark Westcott

Other Member: Herbie Rosenberg, John Elks and Judy Elks

Aircraft: Cessna C182 VH-SFH

Fundraising Page: 

Mark ‘Biggles’ Westcott

Mark is the pilot and along with Wizard Herbie, one of 2 returning members of the 2015 Outback Air Race ‘Westy’s’ team. 

A true Queenslander, Mark was raised near Hughenden in north west Qld. Currently residing at Sanctuary Cove, Mark flies up and down Australia as part of his business helping people with their estate and succession planning.

Mark has a great love of flying and exploring Australia from the air. This year’s trip is covering many areas Mark hasn’t flown over before and there is great excitement for the flight plan, especially the route back to the Gold Coast through middle Australia.

Importantly though, the support the contest affords the RFDS is uppermost in the involvement this year and Westy’s Wizards are hoping to be significant fundraisers for the cause.

Wizard Herbie AKA Herbie Rosenberg 

Herbie Rosenberg has had over 35 years’ experience in the African travel industry. He moved to Australia from South Africa eight years ago and markets a prestigious selection of African tourism products to the Australian travel industry.

His portfolio includes resorts, hotels, game reserves, safari lodges, camps and boutique accommodation establishments cumulatively spanning 12 African countries.

Herbie is one of 2 returning members of the 2015 Outback Air Race ‘Westy’s’ team, has a love of flying and qualified as a PPL in Zambia many years ago, his licence however having long since expired.

Herbie is an ardent supporter of the RFDS cause and sourced the products included in the OAR raffle tickets which will be sold to raise funds.


John and Judy Elks

John and Judy live and work in the Glasshouse Mountains situated in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland. John runs a family business which was first established in the area in 1913.

John and Judy both enjoy travelling and usually travel to overseas destinations a couple of times a year. They are both looking forward to flying across Australia in a small plane and experiencing this magnificent country.

They have enjoyed flying with Mark as pilot and Herbie as co-pilot before but this is the first as part of the Westys Wizards and RFDS fund raiser.