[34] Wheres Ya Buccaneers

Team Captain: John Daley (AKA Delay)

Other Member: Marcus Grealy (AKA Grealyboi), 

Aircraft: LA4-200 Lake Buccaneer  VH-TZT

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Team Bio:

The Where's Ya Buccaneers team comprises John Daley (AKA Delay) and co-captain Marcus Grealy (AKA Grealyboi). We both started our aviation careers in PNG in the 1970’s flying trade store goods and locals around the big hills in small single engine aircraft. Grealyboi transitioned from flying other people's coffee around New Guinea to producing his own premium variety at his and Zeta's Carool plantation behind Gold Coast airport, (or as Grealyboi says "drug growing in the Tweed hinterland, specialising in coffee” ). Delay dabbled in professional golf but 3rd prize of $25 every few years wasn’t going to cut it. (Apparently the name isn’t enough!) We joined together for a camping trip around FNQ with 4 Buccaneer seaplanes a year or 2 ago, which hatched the desire to join others flying around our outback and helping out the magnificent RFDS. So far we’re looking good for the prize for first air-race aircraft to takeoff from Lake Argyle!